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What Are SAP Calculations And Why Do We Need Them?
New Houses
Building New House Frame

Before you can start on site you need  Design Stage SAP calculations.  This is to ensure your specification complies with Part L1A of the building regulations in England and Wales. 

Once we can get your specification to comply we then produce the Design Stage SAPS reports Certificate for building regulations compliance.

All we need from you to start your SAPS are:

  • Plans

  • Site Plan

  • Building Specification

We’ll then liaise with you to get the spec to comply.

Your local authority may require you to produce an Energy Statement.  We’ll take care of this for you.

Water efficiency calculations are also required and we can produce them for you quickly and easily.

The Process

Now you have your Design Stage SAPS you crack on with your build.  Once your property is complete and we can then finalise the SAP and produce the As Built SAP reports and EPC Certificate.

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